Chancellor Constance M. Carroll hosts her last forum for Mesa College

Chancellor Constance M. Carroll hosted her last annual forum for Mesa College which addressed the problems the district is facing due to the pandemic as well as other matters of current affairs. According to President Pamela Luster, who answered questions during the forum, the first floor of the Learning Resource Center will be one of the first occupied spaces to open up once the state starts allowing such measures. The president explained that the Mesa Returning to Campus Subcommittee has take

Instructor at Continuing Education sues SDCCD and two of its faculty members

An instructor at the Continuing Education program filed a lawsuit against San Diego Community College District along with two of its faculty members, alleging they conspired against him after he refused to participate in a free car repair requested by the president of Continuing Education. John Louie of the Auto Body and Paint department brought his complaint on Dec. 24, 2019, where he explained in detail the events that made up the alleged “hit job” by the chair, Sam Phu, and the dean, Andrei

Mesa Dance Department takes on film this fall semester

The Mesa College Dance Department is trying its hand at creating a dance film this fall semester as an alternative performance in response to pandemic measures. With safety being at the top of the list for students and faculty, Associate Professor Donna Flournoy and Assistant Professor Blythe Barton made an effort to implement strict-safety guidelines during the production of the film. According to Barton, the film will mostly consist of pre-recorded segments of dance, but arrangements to meet

Bong Joon Ho displays his extraordinary film-making talent in ‘Parasite’

Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like. Close If you enjoy deep and unique stories that will make you laugh and feel fear at the same time, “Parasite” is the movie for you. Bong Joon Ho’s “Parasite” is a comedy-thriller, proving it’s genre title through its exaggerated narrative and significant elements of satire. This is shown through the extreme lengths and decisions people of poverty will act on in order to survive in a modern South Korea. The story is

The AS invited everyone to their Thanksgiving feast

San Diego Mesa College’s Associated Students (AS) hosted its annual Thanksgiving Feast, a free event for Mesa students providing food, games, and entertainment. The event took place during the afternoon on Nov. 21, just before students started Thanksgiving break. The hallway on the third floor of the Mesa Commons building was lined with tables of fresh and hot traditional Thanksgiving foods: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and cornbread, just to name a few. Visitors were told to line up and

Mesa college gets jazzy showcasing “Jazz in the Courtyard”

Mesa College hosted “Jazz in the Courtyard,” a performance by the San Diego Mesa College Jazz Big Band ensemble. The band provides this event a few times each semester, showcasing their talent through a free and public show. The performance was on Nov. 14 and was an hour long. It produced a crowd of about 30 people, mainly comprising of students, faculty, and a few parents of the performers. Ian Tordella is the director and instructor of the ensemble. It is made up of different musical levels,

SDCCD’s stride toward protecting immigrants and undocumented students

SDCCD and Mesa College demonstrate their strong support for immigrants and undocumented students through the organization of events celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, as well as nearly $1.7 million being raised by Mesa and City Colleges for the educational success of Hispanic students. As stated in the Mesa Newsroom, Mesa celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month from Sept. 20 to Oct. 12, screening celebrated Hispanic films, produced student-organized exhibits showcasing notable Hispanic figures and

California law allows college athletes to self-monetize

California Gov. Gavin Newsom allows college athletes to profit off of their “name, image, or likeness,” as stated in the new Fair Pay to Play Act. The bill was signed into law on Sep. 30 and is set to operate on Jan. 1, 2023. The signing was broadcast on HBO’s ‘The Shop’ hosted by LeBron James, one of many advocates for additional compensation to college athletes. The National Collegiate Athletics Association is an organization that authorizes the funding and regulations of college sports and

Campus skateboarder gets arrested for resisting detention

Nineteen-year-old student Justin Jay Fernandez had a controversial physical altercation with a San Diego Miramar College Campus Police officer on Sept. 4. The altercation was made public, with a video recording of it posted on YouTube. As of Sept. 24 it has gained a viewing of 1,684 views and counting. From the video, a viewer easily gains an understanding that the police officer confronted Fernandez for allegedly skateboarding on the San Diego Miramar College campus. Lt. Terry Hiett of the Sa

You Stay Classy, But Also Civil, San Diego

San Diego Community College District and University of San Diego’s new show “Keep it Civil San Diego” aired its inaugural taping for online platforms on Sept. 9. The show aims to promote the significance of civil, civic discussion, as well as to bring attention to the lack of it in modern times. The format is a recorded interview, hosted by Carl Luna, a professor of political science at Mesa College and University of San Diego. The guests for the interviews comprise public officials of San Diego